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I'm a 59-year old orthopaedic surgeon from Espoo, Finland. I graduated from medical school at Helsinki University in 1993 and as orthopaedic surgeon in year 2002. Since year 2003 I have been working at Orton Hospital, Helsinki. It has a long history from year 1940 as an orthopaedic hospital. Sports have always been close to my heart and I have been team physician for the Finnish Athletic National teams (1994-2011) and for the Men´s Finnish National Team of Volleyball (2015-2017). I also had the honour to be at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing with the Finnish Olympic Team. My main areas of interest are hip and knee replacement surgery.

Hip and knee replacement surgery started in Finland in the late 1960´s. The first hip replacement in Finland was done at Orton Hospital (former Invalid Foundation Hospital) in 1967. The hospital has been one of the most respected hospitals in this field for over 50 years. I had the honour to have been trained there by the best orthopaedic surgeons at the time. Orton Hospital has extremely good survival rates compared to other hospitals in Finland. The Finnish arthroplasty register (from 1980) is making comparison possible. Also the Siro national infection register shows first class figures in favor of Orton. 

I do surgery in following cases:

  • hip and knee replacement in primary arthrosis

  • hip and knee revision surgery

  • hip and knee replacements in secondary arthrosis

    • chondrodystrofia

    • CDH

    • haemophilia

    • AVN

    • post-traumatic arthrosis

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